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Using an iPhone in NYC

[From KamishP] I’m in NYC and use my iPhone all the time, especially listening to music on subways to sending text messages to my friends. I’m reading text for University and trying to memorize what I need to learn. I’m also studying French so my iphone comes in handy too.

Untangled Technology - Time for Apple to respond

[From Stephen Trew] Editorial on what Apple needs to do to respond to the rise of Samsung. “Not exactly calling it the phone to change all phones forever. It’s a good upgrade, yes. But hardly a revolution.But I stand by the assertion that a new era has begun and the 4S builds on the strength of the 3S. Samsung are building phones as good as the iPhone. This week a well respected technology journalist caused a stir with a series of articles on why Android on the S3 fits his needs,” Read in full

More than 500,000 Google Reader users flock to Feedly in two days

[From Stephen Trew] Half a million users have moved to Feedly - and I am one of them. Feedly goes a very good job. It has a great interface and good sharing facilities. There are also good apps for iOS and Android. Read in full

And Then There Were Two…

[From Stephen Trew] More detail on how Apple and Samsung are totally cleaning up the smartphone market - but how is doing the best? Read in full

Updated iPhone pages at

[From Stephen Trew] A nice new page on the iPhone on the Apple site. “Apparently love can be measured. In eight straight studies by J.D. Power and Associates — that’s every study since the first iPhone was introduced — iPhone has been ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Consumer Smartphones.” iPhone ranked highest in the study, which reviewed the following categories: performance, physical design, features, and ease of operation.” Read in full

THROWAWAY - Who wants a HP Envy X2 laptop / tablet combo running Windows 8

Ok time for a weekend throwaway, the first person to email me a user thought on how they are using their mobile device for business or pleasure gets a two month old HP Envy X2 which is a laptop / tablet combo [Product Page] which is pretty cool running Windows 8. Your user thought can relate to whatever mobile device you have, whether it be an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Tablet, Windows Phone, Blackberry, it can be whatever mobile device you own - just tell me how you are using your device. Remember give it a title that is relevant please to your user thought and email me at putting MADRID in the subject line.

AndroidCentral gets hands on with the Galaxy IV.

AndroidCentral gets hands on with the Galaxy IV. “Refined design, updated internals - and some incredible new software features. This is the Samsung Galaxy S4You’re Samsung. You easily have the world’s leading line of smartphone. The Galaxy S3 sold millions upon millions. Hell, folks are still buying the Galaxy S2. What do you do with the follow-up, the Galaxy S4?” Read in full

I’m currently flying to Madrid.

As you read these automatic updates I’m flying to Madrid, Spain. I’ll resume live updates of PalmAddict later today or tomorrow morning. In the meantime I hope that you are having a great Friday.

Google Glass will work with prescription lenses

[From Hans] Sticking with Google Glass and this is good news for those that wear prescription glasses. “Google glasses for everyone! The tech company announced its new augmented reality glasses will work with prescription lenses. ‘The Glass design is modular, so you will be able to add frames and lenses that match your prescription,’ Google explained on its blog.” Read in full

Will Google Glasses ever become stylish?

[From Hans] Good question, will Google Glasses ever become stylish? “Glass is poised to compete with the rumored iWatch, and this serves as a perfect example of why Apple continually always dominates its rivals. Aesthetics aren’t an afterthought, they’re an integral part of the spirit of their products and services. Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive elevated the status of gadgets that would once be considered geeky to objects of desire. But maybe Google is listening after all. The New York Times is reporting that the spectacle specialists at Warby Parker will come on board to help make Glass’ appearance appealing to those beyond the tech world.” Read in full

Dropbox acquires the awesome Mailbox.

[From Hans] Dropbox acquires the awesome Mailbox. “That didn’t take long. It’s only been a few months since we first heard about Mailbox, the fresh new iPhone email client. And it’s only been about about a month since it actually launched. But it looks like they’re going to be bought out.” Read in full

Are you disappointed with the Galaxy S IV

[From Hans] Gizmodo asks are you disappointed with the Galaxy S IV? “So, following last night’s Samsung announcement, it’s fair to say that we’re a little underwhelmed. While we’re reserving final judgement until we review it properly, the new Galaxy S IV doesn’t seem to be quite the super phone we were expecting. Our very own Brent Rose explains.” Read in full

BBC Sport has an Android app

[From Hans] BBC Sport has an Android app now. “BRITISH BROADCASTING HOUSE the BBC announced on Wednesday that its BBC Sport app is now available on Android.The app, which initially was available only on iOS devices following its launch in January, is optimised for devices with screen sizes up to 7in and offers users one touch access to live sports news, video highlights, scores, statistics and more.” Read in full

Blackberry Z10 is now in stock at Expansys

[From Expansys] Blackberry Z10 is now in stock at Expansys. “As the first BlackBerry Smartphone to feature the re-designed and re-engineered BlackBerry 10 operating system, the BlackBerry Z10 is bound to offer consumers and business customers alike an entirely unique, incredibly advanced and most innovative BlackBerry experience yet. The 4.2-inch Z10 features a beautiful LCD screen with a 1280 x 768 resolution and a powerful 1.5 GHz dual-core processor that ensures that everything runs smoothly. The 8MP rear camera capable of 1080p Full HD video recording enables you to capture high quality images, while the 2 MP front camera enables you to video chat and place video calls via BBM (BlackBerry’s native messaging service). BlackBerry has significantly improved its camera software adding bonus features such as more complete editing options and TimeShift, which enables you to choose from a selection of burst shots in order to get the best possible image.” Deets after the jump

Google unveils touchscreen laptop

Google unveils touchscreen laptop. “Google has unveiled its first touchscreen laptop in an attempt to outshine software made by rivals Microsoft and Apple.The new Chromebook Pixel includes a 13-inch display screen that responds to the touch or swipe of the finger.That is a key feature of Windows 8 - Microsoft’s latest operating system for PCs which was launched last year.” Read in full

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