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Posts tagged Peter Arts

eWeek on the Galaxy S IV

[From Peter Arts] eWeek on the Galaxy S IV. “Samsung’s newest flagship device, the Galaxy S 4, boasts more features than any one person can or will use. And along with the super high-tech (or some might say slightly kooky) features comes a very solid device: a gorgeous display, a 13-megapixel camera, an eight-core processor and the very latest Android software. See for yourself. ” Read in full

Samsung laments “lacklustre” demand for Windows mobiles

[From Peter Arts] Not great for Windows Phone. “Samsung’s head of mobile communications has said there is “lacklustre” demand for Windows-based products in Europe.” Read in full

Samsung Galaxy S4 eye-tracking smartphone unveiled

[From Peter Arts] BBC News on the new Samsung phone. “Samsung has launched a smartphone which allows users to control its 5in (12.5cm) screen using only their eyes. The Galaxy S4 follows on from last year’s S3, a product that sold over 40 million units worldwide. At a lavish, Broadway-themed event in New York, the company also demonstrated the phone’s ability to take two different pictures at once.” Read in full

Andy Rubin replaced as ‘Chief Android’ at Google

[From Peter Arts] Interesting development at Google Android. “An era at Google (GOOG) is ending. Andy Rubin, who led the company’s Android division in a fierce rivalry with Apple (AAPL), is stepping aside to pursue other opportunities at the company…” Read in full

What LG Will Do With webOS

[From Peter Arts] Despite the best efforts of Palm and HP to put it in its grave, WebOS is playing the part of ‘Living Dead’ in the smartphone OS universe.

Mozilla Shows off its Firefox OS Work in Barcelona

[From Peter Arts] Taking Firefox to another level. “Mozilla’s efforts to build a Web-based mobile operating system around its Firefox browser took a significant step forward on Sunday.” Read in full

How your smartphone will get smarter

[From Peter Arts] Great article. “Today’s smartphones are much more than phones — they are powerful, networked multimedia computers, and over the next 10 years they’ll get far more advanced. As a result, mobility is transforming many day-to-day processes — including how we sell, communicate, collaborate, train, and educate.” Read in full

A tiny Roomba for your phone and tablet

[From Peter Arts] OK…I’ll be the first one to admit that these are silly…but, I want one! ;-) “One of the drawbacks of Roombas, the robotic floor cleaning devices that automatically scoot around and suck up dirt, is that they are too big to clean what real”

BlackBerry 10: Right For You?

[From Peter Arts] Provides a real context for comparing BB10 to other smartphone platforms. “So, what will you lose by switching?If you’re coming from Android, you’re going to lose device choice. True, the Z10 and Q10 offer a small selection, but Android wins hands-down when it comes to the variety of form factors. Android devices are big and small, cheap and expensive, rugged and high class. You’re going to lose access to apps.” Read in full

What a long, strange smartphone road it has been!

[From Peter Arts] Last week, I dropped my Motorola Droid X…again. This time, it finally gave up the ghost; and, I had to find a replacement.Normally, having to choose a new smartphone is an exercise in frustration for me; because I tend to root and customize the daylights out of my wee beauties.I have to consider if I can root them, if they have a replaceable battery (a deal-breaker), screen size/resolution, THE COST and all sorts of stuff like that.

Fortunately, my new job requires me to have a company phone; and, what they gave me was the Samsung Galaxy S III.

After a month of intimate contact, it was a no-brainer for me to decide on a GS3 as the next, in my looooong line of smartphones.

Going back to 2001, I was one of the few to invest a big upfront investment and monthly nut to own an OmniSky modem (and, wireless service) for my Palm Vx.

OmniSky gave you blazing 33.3 kbs (yes…kb’s); so that you could access ‘clipped’ text from all manner of news, sports, etc. AND, manage email wirelessly, as well.

It might look too steampunk to take seriously today; but, let me tell you……on the train into NYC each day, I would have dozens of pairs of eyes filled with techno-lust looking at my wee beauty.

Sadly, OmniSky was priced too high; and, could never reach the critical mass of subscribers needed to expand its network and its revenue stream.It remains one of my favorite tech-toys of all time.

The picture above is of only some of the smartphones and PDAs I have collected over the years.Look at how the shapes, sizes, etc. have radically changed in only the last 12 years!
TOP ROW: Palm Vx PDA (2001). It had a whopping 8MB RAM!
2nd ROW:
Handspring Treo 300 flip-smartphone (2003)
pa1mOne Treo 650 (2004)
Palm Treo 755p (2007)…a chubby device, not so fondly known as the ‘potato’ or ‘bar-of-soap’
3rd ROW: Blackberry Pearl 8100 (2006). I quickly decided to stop paying an extra monthly Crackberrry fee of $20, just to protect my personal email from ME.
Motorola Droid X (2010)…Customized to my precise specs. I will miss you!Samsung Galaxy S3 (2012)

Apple, Android combine for almost 90% of U.S. smartphone market

[From Peter Arts] Apple and Android combined take up 90% of the US smartphone market. “Individually, the Google-owned Android operating system leads the way with 53.7% of the market, up 1.1% from August. Apple, meanwhile, accounted for 35%, which was a 1.4% increase from August.”

Review: Google Maps puts Apple Maps to shame

[From Peter Arts] CNN reviews Google Maps. “When the Google Maps app for the iPhone had finally been released late Wednesday night, there was a collective rejoicing from Apple fans worldwide — many took to Twitter and Facebook to relish in the news and download it immediately. Not at all surprisingly, the app quickly soared to the top of the free apps list in the Apple App Store.”

The Best Features of Google Maps for iOS

[From Peter Arts] I’ve tried it and I like it. “To be fair, Apple’s own Maps app wasn’t an unmitigated disaster. Out of the millions of locations around the world, most were rendered accurately. The much-touted flyover feature worked nearly as well. But maps are one of the few things that are personal: seeing your town rendered in the middle of a marsh, for example, would engender some scorn.” Read in full

New Facebook for Android Gets Speed Boost

[From Peter Arts] This is good to see. “Facebook today finally gave its Android app a boost, unveiling an updated version that promises a significant speed bump.”Facebook for Android 2.0 is twice as fast when looking at photos and opening your Timeline and noticeably quicker to launch,” Facebook’s Philip Fung said in a statement.” Read in full

Taxi-Hailing Apps Coming to NYC in February

[From Peter Arts] I mentioned this briefly yesterday. “The New York Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) today approved a plan that would allow drivers to use taxi-hailing apps.The proposal passed by a vote of 7-0, with two abstentions.” Read in full

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