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Posts tagged Jason Harris

Checking out the Podcast app

[From Jason Harris] I recently listened to The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith podcast because the subject was the Django Unchained Q&A from Comic-Con. I haven’t listened to a lot of podcasts, but that may change now. It was great listening to it. The reason I found this one was because I love Quentin Tarantino and I saw his new movie on Christmas day. I enjoyed gaining insight into Tarantino, the movie, and the cast. I also found out about some movies I need to see so they are now on my to-watch list within my Paperless app.

Trying a new case and finding an adapter

[From Jason Harris] This month I decided to try out a Lifeproof case. I have had an Otterbox Defender case. I have had Otterbox cases since I had my first Palm Treo 650 up until my iPhone 5. I have loved all my Otterbox cases, but having a waterproof case intrigues me. I had issues with the one I received though. One issue was the screen being so sensitive that my ear would activate the speaker. It was annoying talking to someone and the speaker function turning on. That was a problem I could live with. The worse thing was that it had a vibration to it. This vibration felt like it was going right into my head. It made me think my head was going to explode like in the 80s movie, Scanners. I’m not sure if it was that particular case.

I will find out though since I contacted the company and they are sending me a replacement. I have gone back to my Defender case for the time being. The best thing I got with the Lifeproof case was the headphone adapter. The reason it’s the best thing is because it works great with my Otterbox case. When Otterbox designed the Defender case for the iPhone 5, the company didn’t take into account Square readers. I found out about this when I was at my wife’s event. She’s an author and we needed to use the Square reader because she was selling her books. The phone had to be taken out of its case to be able to insert the reader. I don’t like putting her phone or my phone in a situation where it can be damaged.

This adapter comes in handy at my wife’s and my bookstore, Books and Boos, too. We have an iPhone 4s for the store and the Square reader does fit into that Defender case, but it has to be put in a different way and the flap gets in the way of running the credit card. With the adapter, we won’t have to worry about the flap getting in the way or taking a chance of ripping the flap off.

I found out that Amazon sells these adapters so I bought a couple extra ones for myself and for my wife so she will have one for her next book selling event. Mine will come in handy when I have set-up a New England Horror Writer event. I can now use my Square reader with my iPad in its Defender case. I had been using my wife’s iPad since she uses a different type of case, which the reader works a lot better with.

The Amazon adapters are a little bit longer than the ones Lifeproof sends with its cases.