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Using my iPhone this past weekend

[From Jason Harris] This past Saturday I had an event for the New England Horror Writers I organized. We had four tables at the Queen City Kamikaze convention in Manchester, New Hampshire. My wife and I left on Friday afternoon since it is almost a three hour drive for us. It’s four hours if we hit traffic like we did last year. We left a few hours earlier Friday. We did hit traffic, but it only added about 20 minutes to our trip. Of course, I used Apple Maps to get us there and it never failed me.

After getting to our hotel, we checked in, unloaded our suitcase, and used the AroundMe app, which showed us there was a mall in the vicinity. We went there to check it out and to find a place for dinner since we were starving. At the event on Saturday, we used the Square credit card reader when someone wanted one of the books we were selling at our tables. Thankfully, there was only one credit card that day since the convention was located in a school and cellphone signals were poor to none existent. The wi-fi was poor too. I had to walk with the customer to the door and enable my hotspot so the sale to go through on my iPad. It was a fun weekend and I plan on doing the convention next year.