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Why I love using the iPhone 5

Two devices that I’m continuing to use, the iPhone and iPad Mini. I was taking to a friend saying that when I use a mobile device I tend to use for some time and in my case I’ve been using the iPhone for a number of years and still get a lot of great use from it. The iPhone 5 screen is perfect for web browsing, I’m able to take advantage of the screen with twitter and see more of my timeline. Facebook is perfect too. I’m also using Vine to record quick, 6 second videos of what is going on around me. I also find the stock Mail app sufficient for my email and if course I ‘m forever taking photographs with the camera and uploading to the cloud, iCloud to be precise. The battery on the iPhone 5 is great. It lasts for the full day however there is also a charger that I carry with me or I can plug it into a power socket wherever I go.

I travel a lot and so my iPhone comes is essential, it comes with me around the world. I also have a day job, DJ some weekends both in the UK and NYC and I do modelling from time to time so I need my iPhone to keep track on where I should be, aircraft I have to take, time in countries, weather, sunset and sunrise, exchange rates, directions and phrase book - needless to say my iPhone is able to cope with all of this and more. I also use my iPhone to check in, it’s doubles as my boarding pass. United airlines take advantage of Passbook and they are the airline I fly the most with so I’m able to use the boarding pass when I’m flying.
I mentioned taking pictures, you know I believe the camera on my iPhone offers me a great opportunity to take pictures of the wonderful places that I just happen to be visiting, whether it be a remote beach in Brazil, a favela in Rio de Janeiro, a bar in New York or my roof terrace at home, I’m able to catch the moment and I’m even more thankful that I can savour the moment by taking a photograph and then emailing to friends and family. iCloud is awesome because I can save all my photographs.
Finally FaceTime is perfect. I can talk to my friends, loved ones wherever they are at whatever time we agree on. It makes the world smaller and I know Apple were not the first in creating this but FaceTime is the best adaption of video conferencing that I’ve used to date and it works well.
So these are just some of the reasons why I enjoy using my iPhone 5 and I think it gives you a good impression of what I’m able to achieve by using it. I typed this and uploaded this using my iPhone 5. I hope that you have a great rest of your Monday.