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Please excuse my brevity

[From Alan Price] Not long ago I discussed the importance of organisation, but what if you are working on a project where you need the opinion, views and answers from a number of work colleagues? How do you get around to speaking to everybody especially when you are up against tight deadlines? What if the people you need to speak with are busy in meetings, or indeed you, yourself are pre-occupied with various tasks? I very much rely on email, I don’t necessarily need to spend lots of time composing emails, I find it more beneficial to send a ‘straight to the point’, one line email. Being direct helps everyone, it saves you time when composing the message, it saves the respondent time, they don’t need to read multiple paragraphs before they discover what it is required.

So don’t think of email as a complex form of communication, I use it to my advantage, to get the answers I need, especially useful when time is off the essence. Finally once I have composed my email I take a quick read and see if it can be condensed further, am I direct to the point? Don’t be afraid in sending a simple sentence or indeed a one word answer on email. Brevity should not be seen as being rude instead think of it as a efficient form of communication.

So try using email to your advantage, you may find that it becomes a most effective form of communication especially useful when you are short of time.