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The end of the year is a good idea to clean up your mobile devices

I always at this time of the year look at cleaning up apps that I don’t tend to use on my MacBook, iPhone and iPad. I find the year end offers a good excuse for a clean up. I’m sure you can relate, you download the latest and greatest app, the one that seems to be making the headlines and creating a buzz. The app is intended to make your life easier and in most cases it does, you use it for a week or two, maybe a month and then you find you lose enthusiasm, you don’t tend to use it as much. Then, after a while, you don’t use it at all, in fact you forget about it. I tend to have this issue on both my MacBook and iPhone and I guess laziness prevents me from deleting my underused apps.

So I take this time of the year to clean out the apps I don’t tend to use, I have to be strict I ask myself have I used this app in the last four weeks? If I say no then its trash canned. It’s as simple as that. However I ask myself why don’t I perform this task on a regular basis? It’s like on my iPhone I always never close apps, maybe once a week I will look at the open apps and then decide to close them. I wish Apple offered a function where I could simly close all the open apps quickly and conveniently. Maybe this can be integrated into the next software update, I’ve seen many people ask for this function, maybe Apple will introduce it.

So why don’t you take this opportunity to look at the apps and programs you don’t use so often whilst you have some time to yourself. Go ahead and have a good cleanup of your MacBook, computer or your iPhone mobile device. If you’re as busy as me then you may not get another chance for some time, so take advantage of the holidays and free up some essential memory on your computer devices.