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Apple’s desktop and mobile OS’s may look dated but they still performs brilliantly.

I was having a conversation with a friend last night who was trying to sell me the benefits of Android over the iPhone. I have to say that whilst some elements of Android continue to impress me, and I admit that I’m not knowledgeable with all aspects of Android, I find it has a learning curve. Whilst mildly impressed I left the conversation thinking that I didn’t need half of the features that he demo’d. In fact I was happy using my iPhone for the tasks that I needed rather than the technical, under the hood tweaks. I admit that Apple make the user interface of their OS’s simple enough for me to be able to do what I want and I don’t mean just with the iPhone.

OSX on my MacBook Air is equally as user friendly. I don’t need to do much tweaking, I just want something that loads fast, performs the tasks I need, allows me to surf the web and check my email and complete any other jobs. I don’t want to be able to think about how I am to do something, I don’t want bells and whistles, I certainly don’t want it to crash and OSX like its iOS counterpart just does what I require. When I received my very first computer as a gift it was a iMac and I loved its design, the vivid Aqua colours of OSX and the fact I could do most things without having to learn much. I guess that us why I’ve always been a Apple user because its simplicity at its best and this common theme runs through both OSX and iOS. I do believe Apple needs to update iOS and make it look even better, it is looking dated and whilst it may not look as beautiful as say, Windows Phone it does everything I need and for that Apple I am very grateful.