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The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 could have a Super Retina 461 PPI display 

[From Stephen Trew] iPhone Super Retina. “Gruber says that he thinks the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will keep the current iPhone’s 326 pixels-per-inch, but the 5.5-inch model will have an astonishing 461 pixels-per-inch, making it practically Super Retina.” Read in full

Backing up my photographs using Dropbox.

I have lots of photographs from travelling, thankfully they are all backed up to Dropbox. I don’t know what I would do without Dropbox because all my photos are backed up automatically using the Carousel app, I do not have to worry. Great resource.

Using my iPhone to park the car.

I’ve used my iPhone to pay for car parking today. There is a great scheme in Manchester where you can pay for parking using your iPhone. It’s quick and easy and again you can renew your parking should I need to. It saves you having to find change and you can just enter the location on your iPhone, park and go about your business. It’s a perfect solution for me, all done on my iPhone

The new mophie juice pack is just for the Galaxy S5  

The Gadgeteer takes a look at interesting battery case. “Cases with backup batteries are usually designed for the iPhone, but mophie’s newest case is for the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone.”

Windows Phone on Android hardware: Great potential, but at what cost?  

[From Dave Coombes] Interesting editorial over at Windows Phone Daily. “The HTC One M8 for Windows is real, and with it comes the reality that we’re probably going to see a lot of Windows Phones running on Android hardware in the future. I believe the potential for Windows Phone to really start carving out a niche market share in the smartphone industry is astronomically high because of this, but I also think there are pitfalls Microsoft must do its best to avoid — or else Windows Phone will be worse off than ever.” Windows Phone Daily for the full read.

Samsug’s Galaxy S5 takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with aplomb  

[From Hans] The S5 experiences the Ice Bucket Challenge. “Samsung has published a video that shows the Galaxy S5 taking the Ice Bucket Challenge and very smartly (and funnily) promotes how the device is waterproof.” Read in full.

Tim Cook proud of iPad's use in patient care at VA Hospital  

[From Stephen Trew] This is setting up the iWatch as a health device. The new Health app will send data to doctors, the data will be gathered using the iWatch. “Apple CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter to humbly brag about the iPad’s use in patient care at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System. Taking to Twitter to announce the use of the iPad in medicine and patient care, Cook posted a picture of himself and staff at the medical facility with the iPad.” Read in full.

How Apple took over the only segment of the PC market that still matters  

[From Stephen Trew] Apple still bucks the trend. Even with its PCs. The focus on quality is key. “Everyone knows the PC market has been in decline for the past few years. But one segment of that market is doing spectacularly well, and one company has managed to carve out enviable sales and profits by dominating that niche. Guess who?” Read in full

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera Features 

Deets about the Galaxy Note 4 Camera over at Sammobile. “According to our sources, Samsung is equipping the Galaxy Note 4 with a 16-megapixel Sony IMX240 camera sensor on the back with optical image stabilization (OIS), which is capable of shooting UHD (3840×2160) video at 30FPS.”

Push email on my iPhone

[From Matt T] It’s very convenient to read, reply and delete emails quickly using my iPhone. I have taken advantage of push email and my messages automatically appear on my phone. I don’t really see a compromise in battery life either.

Twitter keeps me up to date with breaking news

I may have mentioned in the past just how informative I find Twitter. I get to find out breaking news simply by checking to see what is trending. Twitter for iPhone is such an awesome app and I have tried several 3rd party apps yet I prefer the native Twitter app.

Facetime on my iPhone

I enjoy using Facetime to keep in contact with my friends wherever they are in the world. Whether they be in Brazil or the USA it’s great to stay in contact and I’m always impressed with the quality of the video call, streaming issues hardly ever prove to be a problem. It is also great because apart from the wifi, the calls are free.

Vine finally lets you upload clips from your Camera roll 

[From Hans] Glad to see this has happened. “Vine has announced a significant update for its iOS client today, which will add a number of new features to the popular video-sharing app. The release includes a wide range of new editing tools, as well as the long-requested ability to upload clips from your device’s Camera Roll.” Read in full

Mailbox for Mac Now Available for Beta Testing 

Mailbox for Mac looks awesome. “For those who signed up to test out Mailbox for Mac, you should have received a notification today in regards to trying out the beta. The notification came in the form of an email asking you to download and install the app. The availability should expand over the next few weeks since it is getting ready to be launched to the public. Some features in Mailbox for OS X include draft support and mobile support for snoozing messages.” Read in full

Checking my bank balances on my iPhone

Something that I do on a regular basis is use my iPhone to check my bank balances plus it allows me to transfer funds to third parties. Convenient especially when I can order my currency online. It saves me visiting the bank.

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