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Google Marks All Glass Colors as "Out of Stock" 

What quantity did Google sell of Google Glass this week? It seems a lot. ‘“We were getting through our stock faster than we expected, so we decided to shut the store down. While you can still access the site, Glass will be marked as sold out. We are leaving the site open so Explorers can still get any accessories they need.”” Read in full

Early Upgrade Programs in the US to Help Grow Sales of Apple's iPhone 

[From Hans] Clearly good news for Apple. “An analyst has projected that Apple will most likely see gains in iPhone sales in the medium term due to early smartphone upgrade programs from a few major U.S. wireless carriers. BMO Capital Markets, Keith Bachman, issued a note to investors recently on closer looks to early upgrade programs being offered by Verizon Edge and AT&T Next. Both allow customers to upgrade their phones more than once every two years by having monthly installment payments. These programs are good for subscribers wanting to upgrade to new devices every year and Bachman predicts that the plans could represent more than 20% of users by the end of 2014.” Read in full.

Keyway Designs Safari hybrid iPhone 5/5S case review  

If you are into your iPhone cases then this may well be a good review to read over at the awesome the-gadgeteer website. “I became an iPhone owner just a few weeks ago, after years of disgruntled Android usage. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that one of the key deciding factors in the switch over was the bevy of peripheral “toys” that can be added to an iPhone, including impressive case options. I have always had my heart set on a wood case; there is just something to be said about natural wood juxtaposed against glass and metal.” Deets after the jump

The Mobile Tech Addicts Show Pilot Episode available for your viewing pleasure. 

Well worth tuning into and available for your viewing pleasure. “ present this quick look at the technology news for the last week. Gareth Myles comments on some of the more interesting stories including the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch, an unboxing of the HTC One (m8,) a slew of Lenovo tablets and much more.” Deets after the jump.

Google Glass, Not Yet on Shelves, Already Sold Online in China 

[From Hans] Google Glass selling in China although I am unsure how legal it actually is. “Apart from Tuesday’s one-day sale of Glass to the general public, Google has sold the headsets by invitation only, but that hasn’t stopped China’s dauntless online merchants from getting ahold of the product. A simple search of Alibaba’s popular online Taobao marketplace turns up dozens of listings for Glass, many of which seem to be real. (The product is also available for sale on eBay in the U.S.)” Read in full

Google Glass XE16 factory image now available  

[From Hans] Sticking with Google Glass. “The Google Glass XE16 update that started rolling out earlier this week is now available as a factory image, for those interested in tinkering with the software on their Glass (or had been tinkering and broke it back enough that you need to start fresh). Photo replies in Hangouts and Bluetooth 4.0 LE are the biggest additions in the XE16 update, which also upped the base OS to Android 4.4.2 KitKat.” Read in full

Where Not To Wear Your New Google Glass 

[From Eric Mann] if you have Google Glass here is where not to work then. “Yesterday, Google kicked off its first big come-one-come-all Glass sale, opening up the future-forward, fashion-backward devices to people beyond the few thousand initially chosen to be beta “Explorers.” By 3 p.m. Tuesday, “Cotton”-color shades had already sold out. Google is now claiming that all the Glass sold out, suspending its sale just after midnight saying that “all the spots had been claimed” — though that tells us little because they never said how many of the $1,500 devices they planned to sell. We don’t know if they sold 500; 5,000; or 50,000.” Read in full

The latest TechTalk podcast is available for your listening pleasure 

My favourite tech podcast is available for your listening pleasure. Essential listening, TechTalk UK.So its out with the err new, and back in with the not very old……The iPhones are in drawers, Kev and Nick talk about the M8 (again), the Samsung S5, and a few related tech topics.

Re-installing apps and games with Windows Phone 8.1 is now easier, here's how  

[From Dave C] If you have Windows Phone then this may be useful. “The more we use Windows Phone 8.1 the more features we discover. Such as re-installing apps and games you’ve purchased in the past. In the past there were basically two ways to re-install an app or game you had deleted from your Windows Phone. First, you could hunt down the app in the Store and re-install it. Second, you could pull up the Windows Phone Store’s website and go into your account to view your purchase history to find the app or game to re-install.” Read in full

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Has a Message for Apple 

[From Hans] Come to Yahoo. “According to published reports surfacing Wednesday, Yahoo’s boss has a master plan. And it involves swaying Apple to favor Yahoo as the default iOS search engine rather than Google. “A number of Yahoo insiders I have talked to said her plan to pitch Apple on the idea as its marquee mobile search partner is far along,” explains Kara Swisher of Re/Code.” Read in full

Reports Say Apple To Partner With Shazam For Song Recognition in iOS 8 

[From Hans] Personally I think this is a good idea as I use Shazam all the time. “New reports were recently released claiming that Apple is looking to incorporate song identification into its new upcoming iOS 8 operating system, maybe as a part of Siri, and working with Shazam to release the capability. The featured song identification capability will gather sounds from an iPhone or iPad microphone, send it to the cloud, and then back to users, according to Bloomberg.” Read in full

Apple preparing iOS 7.1.1  

[From Hans] iOS 7.1.1 is on it’s way. “Unsurprisingly, Apple appears to be readying a bug fix update to iOS 7.1 called iOS 7.1.1. Numerous visits to 9to5Mac from areas surrounding Apple’s campus on devices running iOS 7.1.1 have appeared in our analytics. The increase in views likely indicates that the bug fix update will come over-the-air to iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches in the near future. iOS 7.1 was released in March with user-interface tweaks, a new calendar view, and CarPlay support.” Read in full

Flickr 3.0 update  

[From Hans] Nice update from Yahoo. “MYahoo has just introduced Flickr 3.0, a major update for its photo sharing app. Flickr 3.0 sports an all-new design with new features such as the ability to record HD videos, improved auto sync feature and new way to rediscover and explore your photos.” Read in full

How Google Plans to Shake Up Smartphone Market With 'Project Ara' Modular Phone 

[From Peter Arts] This is a great editorial and I wonder why nobody ever thought of this previously. “Google’s “Project Ara,” an affordable smartphone with swappable and customizable hardware, could be the next big thing to shake up the mobile market. Details of the phone were unveiled at the first Ara developer’s conference on Tuesday, when leader Paul Eremenko announced it would go on sale early next year and retail for about $50.” Read in full

Who is already using Google Glass?  

Who is already using Google Glass? “Doctor Steven Horng has credited the device with helping to save a patient’s life who was suffering a brain hemmorrhage. Dr Horng was able to instantly check the man’s medical history, who was allergic to a specific kind of blood pressure drug regularly issued to prevent bleeding, without having to leave him to leaf through papers.” Read in full

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