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SoundCloud App Gets Now Playing Indicator, Interface Improvements 

[From Thomas JK] I am a big fan of SoundCloud. “The SoundCloud app has been updated with various interface improvements, including a now playing indicator. Find new and trending music. Collect tracks and playlists. Follow friends and artists. Discover podcasts, comedy and news.” Read in full.

Samsung Z delayed again 

[From Thomas JK] Trouble with Tizen? “Samsung has again delayed the launch of its Tizen-powered Samsung Z smartphone, admitting that it still needed time to “further enhance” the software ecosystem for the handset before it was ready for primetime.” Read in full.

I just got a Buffalo Ministation Air 500GB Wireless Portable Storage and it is awesome. 

I just got one of these, It is reduced from £114.99 down to £69.99, save £45.00. I can totally recommend it, it adds extra memory to my iPhone and iPad wirelessly, it’s great for travelling. “Buffalo’s MiniStation Air brings you the solution for the limited storage capacity on Smart Phones and Tablets. The MiniStation Air makes it possible to wirelessly read and even write files on smart phones and tablets. Upload your data such as photos and video on the portable Ministation Air while on the move. For transferring large amounts of data from desktop PC’s or Laptops you can use the fast USB3.0 interface (up to 5Gb/s). The amount of data is no longer a problem, wherever you go it’s always available. It’s even possible to stream media to three WiFi enabled devices at the same time. This allows you to share files to streaming clients. Thanks to the integrated WiFi, superspeed USB (USB3.0) and a capacity of 500GB you have all your data with you, wherever you go. The battery is easily charged with AC adapter or via USB on the PC and has up to 4 hours battery life. The WiFi setup connection is easily done with WPS or AOSS. MiniStation Air is capable of WPA2 wireless encryption for secure data transfer Buffalo Technology offers you a three year limited warranty on the Ministation Air.” It is reduced from £114.99 down to £69.99. Deets after the jump

The House Gives In, Passes Cellphone Unlocking Bill 

[From Hans] I am going to guess that this is big news. “The bill which proposed a law that would enable cellular device users to unlock their hardware and swap carriers without penalty (something that is currently illegal), recently passed through the US Senate just last week and has now been cleared by the House of Representatives as well. Since it has successfully passed through Congress, the only thing left is for President Barack Obama to sign the piece of legislation into law” Read in full.

Tablift hands-free tablet stand review  

Now this is cool, I want, lol. “I constantly struggle with the tablet vs. laptop decision. Laptops are great, but tablets are lighter. But tablets don’t exactly do the hands-free or lap TOP bit very well unless you have some fancy case or stand. Today let’s take a look at the uniquely-shaped Tablift.” Read in full.

Love this video from Samsung, it really is great. Normally you know how much of an Apple fan I am but this does rock. 

How to get your frayed Lightning cable replaced for free 

[From Hans] Another good example of good customer care from Apple. “Without making a Genius Bar appointment, I walked into my local Apple Store and walked towards the first employee I saw. He happened to be the manager of the store. I showed him my Lightning cable and kindly asked if this was covered by my iPhone 5s warranty. He briefly looked at it and told me to wait a second as he walked away. He came back a few seconds later with a brand new Lightning cable, fresh off the store’s shelves.” Read in full.

Claimed circuit board hints at NFC-enabled iPhone 6 – again! 

[From Hans] NFC coming to the iPhone 6? “Combing through our archive of posts mentioning “iPhone” and “NFC” is all it takes to realize that talk of Apple allegedly adopting NFC is intensifying, not dying down. In fact, rumors calling for NFC-enabled iPhones date as far back as 2011! Thus far, however, the iconic smartphone has not picked up support for NFC technology, which is an acronym for Near Field Communication. On the other hand, Apple has numerous NFC-related patents.” Read in full.

Tweetbot 3 quietly rolls out animated GIF support via iOS media player 

[From Hans] Tweetbot for iPhone has been updated. “Tapbots’ Tweetbot, one of the best Twitter clients for the Mac and iOS devices, does not officially recognize animated GIFs. That’s why tapping a GIF link in Tweetbot for iPhone opens the detail view for the tweet itself rather than play the embedded animation inline.” Read in full.

Apple eyes solar to power the cloud and iPhone 6 sapphire manufacturing  

[From Hans] I love how we are embracing solar power technology. “The skies are threatening to pour on the Apple solar farm but as the woman in-charge of the company’s environmental initiatives points out: the panels are still putting out some power. Apple is still greening its act.” Read in full.

The Phones Show is available or your viewing pleasure 

The latest and one of my favourite video casts is available for your viewing pleasure. “Review of the Nokia Lumia 930, and my brief review of the LG G Watch and Android Wear”. Read in full.

My own thoughts on IFTTT

Just commenting on the back of what Xavier just said in his user thought, about IFTTT, it really is awesome, exchange rates are pushed to my iPhone in the morning as are instagram feeds of my friends, each morning at 8:00am per whenever they update the feed. It allows me to know what my friends are up to and appreciate the awesome pictures they take and for me it compliments Flipboard.

How awesome IFTTT is

 [From Xavier, NJ] Sammy I agree with you about how awesome IFTTT is, it allows my iPhone to do so much, I get Garfield cartoon sent to my phone everyday and it feeds me the latest newsfeed of my favorite website without me having to visit the website.

OSX Yosemite beta is beautiful

 [From Mark Walsh] I downloaded the new OSX Yosemite beta and I am amazed at how beautiful it is obviously there are similarities between iOS and the new OSX but they are gorgeous. If you can sign up to the beta then I recommend it. 

Using my iPad to stay on contact

 [From Daniel M] 4G internet speeds in the UK mean that I can surf the internet on my iPad when I am in Costa enjoying a coffee. It also gives me the opportunity to FaceTime to my friends. 

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