Sep 21

l am loving iOS8 so far

So I am loving iOS8 and lam having great fun with it. To be fair there are not so many changes When you first look at it however once you start using it then you really do notice subtle but what I would class as essential and yet useful changes. There are some refreshing changes and there are lots of things that I have yet to discover yet too.

iOS 8 Jailbreak Release Update -

[From Thomas JK] A iOS 8 jailbreak could be on the way except nobody knows when. “PanguTeam, according to Cult of Mac, broke the bits of news via Weibo, which is China’s most popular social media site. When the unlocker can be expected, the shout out did not mention. In fact, Pangu’s announcement mostly dealt on the matter of reminding jailbreak fans jumping to the latest Apple mobile OS will lock them out from the exciting jailbreak experience, which is largely confirmed by most hackers.” Read in full

Watch Man Drop New iPhone Minutes After Purchase -

[From Thomas JK] if you have not seen this jaw dropping moment then watch this. “The first person to buy the new iPhone six in Perth, Australia, dropped it as he was being interviewed by a TV reporter.” Deets after the jump

A first look at SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS 8 -

[From Hans] Good overview of Swiftkey. “My brother is an Android user and I am an iOS 8 user. So of course he is always showing me things that he can customize on his smartphone that I can’t. One time, he showed me how he could swipe his finger across his keyboard to type words. “Big deal,” I said. “Jealous,” I thought.” Read in full

Is it worth upgrading to an iPhone 6? -

Interesting question, maybe worth a read. “Q I’m thinking of upgrading to an iPhone 6 – the 4G phone and plans are significantly more expensive; are they worth it? Josh, via email” Read in full

Sep 19

iPhone 6 Teardown - iFixit -

[From iFixit] Double the iPhone, double the teardown! With the iPhone 6 Plus laid out for inspection, we turn our attention to the smaller iPhone 6—though at 4.7”, it’s still a giant among iPhones. What was so big that Apple couldn’t fit it into the familiar form factor? Let’s shake it out onto the teardown table and find out! Deets after the jump

Photographer tests iPhone 6/Plus cameras -

Some great iPhone 6 pictures. “Teaming up with The Verge, professional photographer Austin Mann put the handsets’ enhanced cameras through the paces on beautiful locations in Iceland.” Read in full

First thoughts and impressions on the iPhone 6

Disclaimer, before I begin, I have opted to purchase both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6+, I will decide upon which one I like and then obviously keep it, here are my initial thoughts, first impressions if you would. 

Firstly let me say that this is the first post on PalmAddict that I have dictated on my iPhone 6 so I am stood here dictating this, of course I am happy. I will edit and post, again using the iPhone at the end. Now let me try and explain my thoughts, there is no sensible organisation to this mini review, these are just my initial thoughts, a user perspective of my first hour and a half or thereabouts with, let me talk about, the iPhone 6 - needless to say it is great!

Let me start with the screen, it is beautiful, no other word can describe it. I’m not sure whether it is me or not but it just seems somewhat brighter than my 5c or 5s, the colours are more vivid, a little deeper if you understand what I mean. Using outside is not too bad either, there is a slight wash out in the bright sunshine of the Manchester sunshine and I expected a little better but on the whole not bad. I can see myself using it fine on the beach but I think the midday sun will mean that I will have to up the brightness. 

Battery, I cannot comment too much about this so far as I have only had my iPhone 6 an hour and a half however playing with the device, making a call and tweeting I would say that the battery has only dropped by 3% not bad going compared to my 5c or 5s. I am looking forward to getting a lot of good use from it as the days pass. 

Playing YouTube videos is absolutely a delight, the screen is amazing, I know I have an iPad Mini and the screen is larger but the video just looks so much more crisp and clear, colourful too. Also and I am not sure whether this is the 4G connection or the wifi the video loaded super fast, if it is the processor then it is quick.

Speaking of the processor it is blazing fast, nothing is slow. I never had a problem with the 5s or the 5c in terms of speed but with the 6 you notice that everything is lightening fast - it will not make much difference to me but for me to notice it then it must have caught my attention and it must be significant.

iOS8, well to be fair I would not say it is revolutionary, from it, but I have always liked the iOS7 simple flat design and iOS8 perfects it even further. I like the minimalistic look on the 6, it’s clear, clutter free and it is pleasing to use. My favourite app on the iPhone 6 without shadow of a doubt is Flipboard, I love this app and using it on a larger screen device really is a treat. It was the first app that I opened on 6 and I am not disappointed. I stay connected with my friends social feeds using Flipboard, it’s the nearest to Friends tiles on Windows Phone so I like looking at their photographs and to be fair on the 6 everything looks awesome - no disappapoint.

In terms of the form factor of the phone, it feels good, not too big, I can do most things with one hand - it feels right. I have the grey version and I will be honest the design does remind me of the original iPhone, I cannot put my finger on why, I think it’s because it has a simple design, curves and all. Needless to say the design is beautiful, I will also say that it feels light, very light, it is a strange feeling to hold something which is a little larger than the iPhone 5s and it is so light. On the downside it does feel a little fragile, what I mean by that I am still scared to drop it, to be fair I am like that with all phones but I am still wary, maybe it’s because it is new. The screen by the way feels more robust, I am not going to purposely try to scratch it however it does feel somewhat more robust.  I do have one negative comment to make and that is the fact the power button has moved to the side, it’s confusing and I forget that it is there, I will have to get used to that little modification. 

Listening to music on the 6, well I have Spotify loaded it and I just blasted some Coldplay, to be fair it sounds ok, nothing spectacular and not better or worse than the iPhone 5, needless to say the audio emerging through the headphones is also similar to what I experienced in previous iPhones, it still sounds good.

By the way setting up the iPhone did not take too long, everything is there, the only thing that is missing at the moment is DropBox,I have elected not to download this due to back up issues and I am hoping that this is resolved today as I rely on my photographs being automatically backed up, it is something that I have always found to be a necessity. 

As I dictate this I also see the words appearing on the screen in front of me rather than having to wait for me to dictate a thought and then edit it afterwards, this to me is a great update, although it is more based on the operating system rather than the iPhone itself.

Now I have both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6+, I just could not decide so I have the option of either selling the device and do not want to find all giving it away as a throwaway on this blog. I did think I would be blown away with the 6+ and to be fair it is awesome, however I am preferring the iPhone 6 to its larger counterpart. It just feels right to hold, the device is so slim and the vivid display is awesome - I did not expect to prefer the 6 over the 6+ however that is what is happening.

Some more user thoughts over the coming days; as you can see I am very happy with my iPhone 6 choice and I will decide upon which one I am going to keep over the coming days. In the meantime I hope you’re having a great day. 

Sunrise photograph taken with my iPhone this morning.

Sunrise photograph taken with my iPhone this morning.

Sep 18

Thankful I preordered my iPhone 6 Plus

I am quite glad that I preordered my iPhone 6 Plus, I went for the grey 128GB phone.Thankfully I’m not queuing all night although the Apple Store staff do a great job looking after everyone. I have a friend who is outside the Apple Store in Manchester City Centre and already at 8pm GMT / 3pm ET there is already 30 people in line he estimates. He may post updates later so I will upload to PA.

Monitoring news developments on my iPhone

I have been very interested in following the Scottish referendum developments on my iPhone today. To read what has been happening, I have been, throughout the day, accessing both twitter and the BBC news website, it’s a great use of my mobile device. I will continue to monitor developments throughout the evening and into the early hours.

Top 20 iOS 8 Features!

Users frustrated by Apple iOS update -

[From Lindsey] BBC give mention to iOS frustrations. “Apple iPhone and iPad users have taken to social media to express their frustration over installing the company’s latest software update. Many have resorted to deleting photos, videos and other files in order to free up space for the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS8, which requires up to 5.8GB of storage. Apple has also removed apps for its new health software because of a bug.” Deets after the jump

Tim Cook Privacy Letter - You are the customer -

[From Thomas JK] Smart words from Tim Cook. “Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote an open letter to customers Wednesday detailing the company’s privacy policy. One portion of the letter sticks out in particular, and it’s a clear jab at the way Google does business. Cook writes that many internet services are free but use your personal data to market products to you. “You are the product,” Cook writes.” Read in full.

Jailbreak tweak developer releases three new iOS 8 widgets -

[From Thomas JK] I think Widgets are going to be come very popular in iOS8. “In March we reported on a new jailbreak tweak called ProWidgets that introduced a whole suite of widgets to the iOS 7 Notification Center. With today’s release of iOS 8, Avanio Labs, the company created by Alan Yip, has released several native widgets for the new operating system. These new add-ons will help you keep track of your calendar and to-do list, monitor the weather, and perform a ton of useful actions on the text stored in your clipboard.” Read in full.