Jul 25

My own thoughts on IFTTT

Just commenting on the back of what Xavier just said in his user thought, about IFTTT, it really is awesome, exchange rates are pushed to my iPhone in the morning as are instagram feeds of my friends, each morning at 8:00am per whenever they update the feed. It allows me to know what my friends are up to and appreciate the awesome pictures they take and for me it compliments Flipboard.

How awesome IFTTT is

 [From Xavier, NJ] Sammy I agree with you about how awesome IFTTT is, it allows my iPhone to do so much, I get Garfield cartoon sent to my phone everyday and it feeds me the latest newsfeed of my favorite website without me having to visit the website.

OSX Yosemite beta is beautiful

 [From Mark Walsh] I downloaded the new OSX Yosemite beta and I am amazed at how beautiful it is obviously there are similarities between iOS and the new OSX but they are gorgeous. If you can sign up to the beta then I recommend it. 

Using my iPad to stay on contact

 [From Daniel M] 4G internet speeds in the UK mean that I can surf the internet on my iPad when I am in Costa enjoying a coffee. It also gives me the opportunity to FaceTime to my friends. 

US Judge Concerned Over Apple Settlement On E-Books -

[From Hans] It looks like the saga continues according to business insider. “A U.S. judge on Thursday expressed concern over a proposed $450 million settlement of claims Apple Inc conspired with five publishers to fix e-book prices, saying its provisions could drastically reduce money paid to consumers depending on appeals.” Read in full.

iPhone 6 models' release dates will be staggered by Apple to maximise sales -

[From Hans] The next iPhone to launch in two stages? “It has been widely accepted Apple’s rumoured 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will not launch later this year - but the delay was previously blamed on manufacturing problems. The latest reports, however, are blaming this staggered release date on Apple’s marketing strategy, and suggest the tech giant is feeling vulnerable against rivals such as Samsung and HTC. Tech site Digitimes claims Apple will look to maximise sales of its next range of iPhones by releasing them in stages.” Read in full.

Jul 24

Apple’s mobile payments solution could arrive in the iPhone 6 this fall -

[From Stephen Trew] Rumour time. Big things are coming. “Apple’s big plan for mobile payments could debut as early as the iPhone 6 this fall, according to a new report from The Information. While the company has been in talks with major players in the payments industry for a while, its efforts haven’t made it into the light of day yet. The mobile “wallet” would allow the user to pay in the real world using just their iPhone, and Apple already has the security feature in place to make it all work seamlessly.” Read in full.

R to the S to the S to the Reeder

 [From nick, Western Mass.] Hi Sammy, As I mentioned before, I was looking to update the RSS reader on my iPhone. After having used Reeder for years (and mostly liking it), I decided to try Unread. While attractive, the design got in the way of how I wanted to interact with my many feeds. I downloaded Reeder 2 recently and have been very happy with it. It’s improved on the original all over the place. I still have easy access to all of my feeds and folders and the swiping gestures are natural and easy to learn. I love the different themes for viewing (as I’ve been pretty critical of the overly-bright aspect of iOS7 for nighttime reading). Definitely a fan. Now to see if Overcast can unseat Downcast as my podcast program of choice.

Taking photographs on my iPhone as a hobby

 [From Chris D] I use my iPhone for nearly everything but especially for taking photographs. When I was a child photography was a hobby and I lost the passion for it however in recent years the iPhone has encouraged me to retake up the hobby and I am grateful that I did because it takes some stunning photographs. 

Catch up TV on my iPad

 [From Claire Walker] I use my iPad to play games and watch TV shows especially late at night when I am in bed. I don’t find it a distraction I just lower the bedside light and catch up on TV.  

Keeping tab of my diary

 [From Joseph Lodge] I’m a seminar presenter and so have always needed to keep organized, for years I used a Palm device but now my diary is kept in sync with my iPhone and iPad using Outlook on my PC in the office. Everything works as it should and I know where and what I am doing. 

Keeping up to date with the news

 [From L Garside] This has been a busy week with news and I use my iPhone to keep up to speed with headlines and developments. Having my iPhone with me ensures I am updated continuously. 

Apple’s $425 million spike in R&D spending points to new products in pipeline -

[From Stephen Trew] More evidence of big things to come. “Eddy Cue thinks 2014 will be the best product pipeline Apple’s had in 25 years, and according to the company’s latest filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Cupertino is certainly pouring enough money into R&D to back him up. Apple increased spending in research and development 36 percent year-over-year in Q3, with an extra $425 million being funnelled into R&D in the last quarter alone.” Read in full.

Profits up, sales soft as Apple reports third-quarter earnings -

[From Stephen Trew] Interesting… I’ve just ordered a new iMac. “Sales of the iPhone were up year-over-year: 35 million units were sold—a third-quarter record—generating $19.75 billion in revenues, compared to 31.2 million units generating $18.1 billion a year ago. Cook specifically cited growth across the entry-priced, mid-tier, and lead iPhone categories—a slap, perhaps, at those who’ve called the mid-range iPhone 5c a failure.” Read in full.

Jul 23

My own personal throwaway: Unlocked, White Galaxy Note 3

I was supposed to do this Monday but I forgot so here goes :-) I am having a personal throwaway. I will give an unlocked, White Galaxy Note 3 that looks great no scratches, new in May, hardly used, to the 5th person who sends me a user thought on how they are using their mobile device whether it be iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Tablet, iPad, whatever. I was given the phone as promotional for PalmAddict so I have no need for it. Your user thought has to be a few lines on how you are using your mobile device whether it be for business or pleasure. 

You have to give it a title or you will not be considered. I’ll choose the 5th person who sends me a user thought. I could put this on ebay but I’d rather have a PalmAddict throwaway. Email and write WEDNESDAY in the subject line. Remember it needs a title relevant to your user thought and of course a few sentences telling me about how you use your mobile device.