Jul 31

Does Apple’s deal with IBM signal ‘the end of desktop?’ -

[From Thomas JK] Cult of Mac asks is this the end of the desktop? “Does the iOS-centric IBM-Apple deal equal the end of the road for desktops? Absolutely it does, if you believe Bob Tinker, CEO of the newly-public company MobileIron. Discussing the recent alliance between the two tech giants during his company’s first earnings call, Tinker pointed to the IBM-Apple deal as something of a signal moment for mobile.” Read in full.

Chinese smartphone maker trying to beat iPhone 6 to market with sapphire display -

[From Thomas JK] There looks like a rush of sapphire screens emerging. “The latest company to jump on this bandwagon is, apparently, VIVO, the Chinese manufacturer which previously released the world’s first QHD/2K smartphone. According to sources cited by the Chinese media, VIVO is taking a big swing at Apple (and, yes, the iPhone 6 was specifically mentioned) by rushing to release its new 5-inch flagship handset, with an all-metal frame and sapphire glass display.” Read in full.

Jul 30

My quick thoughts on Yosemite

So I have been Yosemite and it’s very nice and I also have to say that it is very stable, so stable in fact that I have not noticed any significant issues. I love how we have the iOS design, look and feel implemented and the one thing that I cannot wait for is when I will be able to pick up calls on my Macbook Pro even if my iPhone is say, in my bag for example. If you are considering downloading the beta then do so however just remember that it is a beta and there are some features that do not work, so if your Mac is your essential tool then do not take the risk. 

Special Offer: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad

The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad is actually a good keyboard and it is heavily discounted, it was £89.99 and is now reduced to £49.00 saving you 46%. 

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9 Percent of Americans Likely to Buy Google Glass at $750 Price Point -

[From Mike S, NYC] Shrinking Google Glass demand? According to Glassalmanic “A shrinking number of Americans are interested in buying Google Glass. According to a new Google Consumer Survey, only 8.7 percent of US Internet users would be willing to buy the wearable technology if it were priced at $750 upon its release, down from 12 percent when Glass Almanac last checked back in March, 2014.” Read in full.

From Treo 180 to iPhone

 [From Stan] Thank you Sammy for a great site I read it religiously every day on my iPhone, I enjoy reading the updates and of course the user stories on how people use their tech. I have been using smartphones since my Treo 180 and now I have a iPhone 5S which I use daily. Keep up the good work. 

Using my iPhone to listen to music from around the world

 [From Davide] I listen to radio stations from around the world on my iPhone which is handy really because it does not cost me anything. I can listen to my favorite music from Costa Rica and my girlfriend is happy because that is where she is from. 

Connecting my 2nd generation iPad to the internet for the commute

 [From J Royce] Hi Sammy I have a 4G hotspot dongle that I take everywhere it allows my 2nd generation wifi only iPad to hook up and access. Wherever I am I keep the hotspot in my rucksack and then just get my iPad out and check out the internet, it’s handy for the commute home. 

Samsung's phone market share takes a bruising as Chinese rivals surge -

[From Hans] Engadget reporting a slide in Samsung phone sales. “Samsung warned that its smartphone sales weren’t that great this spring, and now we have the numbers to show just what the company meant. IDC estimates that Samsung’s smartphone shipments saw a rare year-over-year drop in the second quarter, taking it from a lofty 32.3 percent market share down to 25.2 percent.” Read in full.

Microsoft updates OneNote for iOS and Mac -

[From Thomas JK] OneNore for iOS and Mac gets an update. “Microsoft on Tuesday rolled out a major update to its Apple-centric OneNote product line, adding new features like access to notes stored in OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online, inserting files and note reorganisation and sharing.” Read in full.

Cortana Lands in China With Windows Phone 8.1 Update -

[From Dave Coombes] Cortana is reaching further places across the globe. “Cortana, how far to Beijing? Pretty soon, that distance will be reduced to zero now that Microsoft has just announced it’s bringing Cortana to new regions, including China and the U.K., with the first major update to Windows Phone 8.1.” Read in full.

UK to allow self-driving cars on public roads starting 2015 -

[From Thomas JK] Slashgear report that self driving cars will be on the streets of the UK soon. “By January next year, residents of the UK might start seeing cars without drivers, or at least without manual driver interference, on public roads. The legalisation of these types of autonomous vehicle is part of the country’s efforts to bill itself as place that is conducive for building and testing self-driving cars.” Read in full

Jul 29

Griffin Slimline Stylus for Touchsceen On Special Offer -
Griffin Slimline Stylus - It was £9.99 and is reduced to £7.29. This really is a great price for a good stylus. “Griffin’s Stylus is a balanced pointer with a soft rubber tip custom designed to mimic your finger. The omni-directional tip adapts to any writing style and doesn’t care whether you’re left-handed or right-handed. The stylus keeps your touchscreen free of fingerprints and smudges as it gives increased control over any touchscreen operation. It’s perfect for sketching, drawing, gaming and photography apps, or any use where you need a finer degree of control than your finger can offer. Our stylus includes an integrated clip that attaches to a pocket in your bag or a pencil loop inside your case. Ideal for most popular tablets including iPad, Samsung, HTC Compact, lightweight - 0.1 oz (3 g),compact design tucks easily into your folio or case One-piece built-in clip Enhanced control - precise drawing,writing and tapping input for any tablet computer with a capacitive touchscreen”. Deets after the jump

Google PR Exec on the Glass Explorers' "Living Laboratory" -

[From Mike S, NYC] Interesting editorial and answer. “Between Glass and now Android Wear, why is Google so excited about wearable technology? Dale: “For the first time in computing history, you have a piece of technology that is being designed for a person, rather than a screen.”” Read in full

Using FaceTime to stay in contact with friends

Something I like to do on a regular basis is to talk to my friends in both Brazil and New York using FaceTime. I find that the connection is much more reliable than Skype and it’s great being able to see my friends in real time and of course apart from the wifi connection it’s free.