Aug 19

TechTalk show is available for your listening pleasure -

TechTalk show is available for your listening pleasure. “Kev and Nick chat the iPhone 5S and rumoured iPhone 6 screen sizes, Nick has sent his Lumia 1020 off for repair, and Kev chats about 4K video on the Panasonic FZ1000. ” Deets after the jump

iPhone 6 could come with reversible USB cable -

[From Thomas JK] This will be interesting to see if it’s true. “New version of Lightning cable could be reversible at both ends that can be plugged into a USB port either way up.” The Guardian after the jump

Here’s why Beta 5 may be the final iOS 8 build seeded to devs ahead of Gold Master -

[From Hans] Interesting theory. “Indeed, fast-forward nearly twenty-four hours later and Beta 6 is still nowhere to be seen. Such an anticlimactic turn of events probably means that iOS 8 Beta 5, which was released a fortnight ago, is the final beta build seeded to developers ahead of the so-called Gold Master release.” Read in full

Keeping track of my gym routine on my iPhone

Another usage I have for my iPhone is keeping track of my gym sessions. Daily I record what I have done, what I intend to do and then my results. I use my Notes app, it’s a great way to keep track of my routine.

Using Google Maps

[From Mike T] Hi Sammy I have been delivering parcels today and used Google Maps to look up the address of at least two destinations I needed to deliver parcels to.

Played with my @draplin DDC Space Pen

 [From Antoine RJ Wright at Mobile Ministry Magazine]  Some months ago, I was the invited sketch note artist for ConvergeSE. While there, I picked up a few items, DDC Field Notes pack and this neat space pen. I’m not one to use a pen often, but it was in my bag and I needed a pen. This pen writes really nice. Wish my stylus had this kind if weight and feel. If it did, this pen would readily make my iPad Mini a better notebook.

I have a new iPhone

 [From L Darlington] I have been saving up for an iPhone for a while and I’m grateful to my Mother who helped me out. I now have a sparkly new iPhone 5S and I have to say that wow I love it. My favourite feature is Snapchatting photos and playing games but I have unlimited calls and text messages so I can stay in contact with my Mom and friends. 

Samsung confirms decline in market share in first half of 2014 -

[From Hans] I wonder if this will change with the Note 4 announcement? “Samsung has itself confirmed that it did indeed see a drop in both market share and profit. In the first half of 2014, Samsung’s market share dropped to 24.9 percent, down 1.9 percent from the same time last year, as it shipped around 223.69 million units during the first six months.” Sammobile after the jump.

19 iPhone Tricks And Tips -

[From Hans] You may or may not know some of these, if you do then it could be a refresher”. I did learn of one trick so I am happy I read it. “This is everything you never knew your iPhone was capable of doing.

Aug 18

Apple Now Projected to Sell Up To 70M iPhone 6 Units in Next 4 Months -

We shall see. “In the next four months, Apple will sell an estimated 70 million units of its next-gen iPhone 6. That’s the new projection put forward today by RBC Capital Markets.” Read in full

NFC is finally coming to the iPhone 6 -

[From Stephen Trew] So the rumours may be true. Internet of things related perhaps? “Not a year goes by without NFC rumors trying to steal the spotlight during iPhone rumor season, and while this year has certainly been no exception, leaked schematic details reveal NFC might actually land on the iPhone 6 this year.” Read in full

Keeping track of music on my iPhone

Whilst in Brazil I heard a number of tunes that I wished to add to my music mix for my DJ sessions. I normally Shazam the songs and save them so I can add them to my mixes later on. Another great use of my iPhone.

The team behind webOS TV jumps to Pebble to -

[From Hans] Palm may live on, in a way through the Pebble watch. “Pebble is dead-serious about competing in the face of Android Wear and whatever Apple is presumably working on. To that end, the company has just announced that it has hired Itai Vonshak as head of product and UX and Liron Damir as head of design. Vonshak and Damir come to Pebble after working at LG, where they were instrumental in creating the user interface and design for webOS TV. Before that, they designed webOS for HP — though not everything they made there saw the light of day.” Read in full at the Verge

Watching live sports on my iPad

l’ve just been watching both the European Athletics and Swimming championships on my iPad. With a good G4 connection I have no streaming issues and the quality on my iPad is awesome. I do enjoy watching live sports on my iPad.

New Leaked Images Suggest Next-Gen iPhone Will Have a 1810 mAh Battery -

[From Hans] Bigger battery for the forthcoming iphone release. “A new part leak shows a series of purported “iPhone 6” batteries in shipping trays with the Apple logo. Photos of the battery were recently highlighted by, showing lithium-ion polymer components with a capacity of 1,810mAh. For those of you who didn’t already know, the battery in Apple’s current flagship iPhone 5S has a capacity of 1,440mAh.” Read in full