Oct 01

Apple's OS X Yosemite is nearly finished -

[From Stephen Trew] I’m looking forward to this. A major new Apple product - for free! “While Microsoft was busy taking the wraps off Windows 10, the next major version of its operating system, Apple released a final candidate for its next desktop OS update. Apple’s given developers the first “golden master candidate” for OS X Yosemite, a sign the company is close to wrapping up development before making it available to the public.” Read in full.

EE upgrades a further 18 towns in the UK to blinding 4G speeds -

[From Stephen Trew] Good to see the 4G competition in the UK hotting up. “EE today announced the mobile network has launched 4G in 18 new towns across the UK, including Sandhurst. This takes the total number of major towns and cities with LTE connectivity through the company to 281 – reported to be over 75 percent of the UK population.” Read in full.

From Broken to Learning

image [From Antoine RJ Wright at Mobile Ministry Magazine] A few weeks ago, I just bought a Nexus 5 from a friend of mine. When I bought that Nexus 5, it was the hopes that I would be able to learn a little bit more about how the Android platform has evolved, and what’s going on next as it and iOS have become pretty much all there is to talk about in mobile

Unfortunately, my Nexus 5 took two very bad spill within just a few weeks of purchasing. On the second drop, the screen completely cracked. I resorted to going to the website Swappa in order to purchase a new one. And I was able to get a few accessories this time to hopefully make it a little bit easier for me to use the Nexus 5. Since getting the second Nexus five, I’ve actually seen a lot of positive things from android. Now I have to admit, my second Nexus is running Android L Preview. There are a lot of things that are different with Android L then there are  with KitKat. Of note, the general user interface, and the consistency reminds me a lot more of what Apple has done with iOS 7 and iOS 8.

I still have the broken Nexus. For some reason, I haven’t gone through with one of my plans to go ahead and just sell it and reap some of that money back. But, I have noticed that having it has give me a chance to take a look at what Android was, and what Android will be. And for the most part, Android has a really good future ahead of it. I do think android has to answer questions about its reliance on Google services for many things. But that’s going to be a product of most platforms going forward. Security, battery life, camera quality, and the ability for a person to not just be a consumer - but a creator - are the things mobile has to answer going forward.

Having an iPad Mini and an Android smartphone seems to be a smart formula to figure out what is broken, and how to learn how to create something new for the future of computing.

Sep 30

Apple Watch Hands-On: The Wristwatch Just Caught Up To The 21st Century -

[From Stephen Trew] Great thoughts on the Apple Watch. “The price of the Apple Watch and where people can buy it is a topic of rich discussion. Apple hasn’t announced the full price list because, it’s my guess, they haven’t settled on final prices yet. Apple has indicated that the Apple Watch will start at a price of $350, but that is for the most basic Apple Watch Sport models that come in aluminum cases, without all the “premium materials” available for the Apple Watch in steel or the Apple Watch Edition in gold. Apple pointed out to me that the Apple Watch will be initially available in six different finishes – which is a mixture of both case materials and colors. These finishes include two colors of aluminum, two colors of steel (polished and PVD black), and two forms of gold (18k yellow gold and 18k rose gold). That, of course, doesn’t include the many strap and bracelet options.” Read in full

XE 21.3 Quietly Rolled Out Last Week -

[From Dave Coombes] Google Glass gets an update. “If you had your Glass connected to WiFi and plugged in within the past 4-5 days, chances are you got the XE 21.3 update. Google didn’t really say anything about it, but Explorers started seeing it last Wednesday. Google did post release notes for 21.3, but it only mentions the iOS Photo Sync update that was already a week or so old.” Read in full.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 outlasts its rivals in battery life tests -

The Galaxy Note 4 battery is doing pretty awesome. “The Galaxy Note 4 which was revealed earlier this month during IFA 2014, has already been reviewed by Korean website, PlayWare. In the review, the Exynos version of the Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910) has been tested rigorously and put through some varied variety of tests such as peak display brightness calibration, Wi-Fi and screen-on time, video playback, and 3D gaming. According to its battery life tests, the Galaxy Note 4 has managed to outlast its competitors such as the LG G3 and the Apple iPhone 5S.” Read in full.

Apple Watch goes on display at Colette boutique in Paris -

[From Hans] I cannot wait to see the Apple watch for real although it is disappointing that people still call it the iWatch. “”Several photos have appeared on Instagram and Twitter this morning showing the Apple Watch on display at Colette’s boutique on Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. On Monday it was reported that Apple was planning a joint promotional event with the French retailer.” Read in full.

Two Kids in the U.K. Bend iPhone 6 Pluses At Their Local Apple Store -

Really, why would you do this? “Two kids in the U.K. have reportedly went on an iPhone 6 Plus bending rampage at their local Apple Store to prove a point: that Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus has a bending problem. The kids filmed themselves bending multiple iPhone 6 Plus units on display at their Apple Store.” Deets after the jump

Sep 29

Show 234 of The Phones Show is available for your viewing pleasure -

Show 234 of The Phones Show is available for your viewing pleasure, in this show: “News catch-up from IFA and Apple launches, Moto G (multiple!) and Proporta Pocketool” Deets after the jump.

The New Moto X: A Lousy Battery Kills a Decent Phone -

[From Thomas JK] Mashable likes the Moto X phone but dislikes the battery. “In design, overall power and convenience, the Moto X is a step forward. Its feeble battery, unfortunately, moves it two steps back. Even putting that aside, the Moto X may not be as dull or as poorly thought through as the Samsung Galaxy S5, but it’s also not as well-made as the HTC One M8 or as just plain gorgeous as the LG G3.” Read in full.

Apple seemingly preparing for China iPhone 6 launch on October 10th -

[From Hans] So the iPhone 6 is heading to China soon after all. “This is shortly after China’s national week-long holiday. Independently, the Chinese press have also reported the same October 10th date for the iPhone 6 debut. Last week, regulators stated that the phone was nearing final approval, causing black market iPhone 6 prices to plummet.” Read in full.

Apple removes Launcher app from App Store for ‘misuse’ of iOS 8’s widget capability -

[From Thomas JK] This is a shame because to be fair it doses look quite a good app. “An iOS 8 app that allowed users to create custom shortcuts and access them from a Notification Center widget has been removed from the App Store by Apple for what it calls “misuse of widgets,” the developers said in a notice posted on the app’s website.” Read in full.

Microsoft confirms it’s opening its “first flagship store” a few blocks from Apple on 5th Avenue -

[From Thomas JK] I will certainly take a look wen I am in New York City next. “Microsoft has confirmed its rumored plan to open what it describes as its “first flagship store” on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, a few blocks away from Apple’s glass-cubed flagship store, reports the WSJ.” Read in full.

Sep 28

Consumer Reports: new iPhones ‘not as bendy as believed’ -

[From Stephen Trew] Clearly iPhones are not as bendy as hype makes out. “Consumer Reports says the new iPhones “aren’t as bendy as believed,” after testing both handsets, alongside other top smartphones. Using a three-point flexural test, the outlet found that the iPhone 6 can withstand 70 pounds of pressure before deforming, and the 6 Plus can take up to 90.” Read in full

Embracing the phablet

Lots of people here in Berlin using iPads and of course iPhones. However I am also seeing an emergence of people using Galaxy Note phones too, especially the Note 3. good to see more people are embracing the phablet. I hope you are having a good day.