Jul 22

Find out everything about Apple's iPhone Camera on iOS 8 -

[From Hans] Interesting editorial “Those iPhone neigh sayers, busy counting megapixels and sensor sizes, had food for thought in June when Apple CEO Tim Cook and co unveiled iOS 8 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Billed by Apple as the ‘biggest iOS release ever,’ among a wealth of new features and significant tweaks, iOS 8 has to be great news for photographers. From serious iPhoneography enthusiasts to everyday snappers, iOS 8 will enhance the native iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Camera app, offering greater control over settings previously only available to a greater and lesser degree via third party apps.” Read in full.

Apple orders insane number of new iPhones, but 5.5-inch model faces setbacks -

[From Stephen Trew] Apple has 60-70 million new iPhones in the pipeline! Wow! “Apple is asking its manufacturing partners to make a record 70-80 million units of the iPhone 6 for the holiday season, according to The Wall Street Journal. What’s interesting is that Apple isn’t having suppliers make the 4.7 and 5.5-inch models simultaneously. While it looks like Apple is expecting to sell more iPhones than ever before in the coming months, new technology used in the iPhone 6 (especially the 5.5-inch version) is still making production difficult.” Read in full.

Apple celebrates all the ways people customize their MacBooks in new ad -

[From Stephen Trew] New Apple ad! A cool one this time. “Apple has released a new TV ad for the MacBook entitled “Stickers.” It features music by Hudson Mohawke and a ton of cool decals and stickers that can spotted at an especially hipster coffee shop near you.” Deets after the jump.

Jul 21

SPECIAL OFFER: Adonit Evernote Edition Jot Script Fine Point Stylus, REDUCED BY £25 -

The Adonit Evernote Edition Jot Script Fine Point Stylus is by far is my favourite stylus, it is the one that I USE ALL THE TIME and it is on special offer at the moment, it was £69.99 and it now reduced to £44.99, you save £25. More information and details after the jump

- Pixelpoint Technology - Pixelpoin technology has enabled the first fine point stylus on the market with a 1.9mm tip. Within Jot Ready Apps, the Bluetooth LE will communicate the angle and location of the tip to place the ink point exactly underneath the stylus. Jot Script is the best stylus for writing and note taking.

- Design - Jot Script was designed to reflect the style of a high-end ball point pen with a ribbed grip around the aluminium barrel. It has the same metal finish, quality construction, simplicity, and weighted hand balance that Adonit styluses are known for.

- Battery Powered - No need for messy docks or cables. The Jot Script is powered by a standard AAA lithium battery and connects effortlessly via Bluetooth 4.0; just grab Jot Script and start writing.

- Penultimate Stylus - Evernote reinvented Penultimate, the #1 note taking app for iPad, to offer an unsurpassed ink-on-paper experience. Jot Script’s breakthrough PixelpointTM technology and Penultimate’s intuitive software brings handwriting into the digital age. The Jot Script works conveniently with Penultimate and other popular apps to offer the best note taking experience possible on iPhones and iPads. View all Jot Script Apps.

- Compatible with all iOS Devices except iPad 2. (Bluetooth 4 Required for some functionality)

- Does not work if-a)wrongly attempting to pair the device through their iOS device’s Bluetooth settings, instead of pairing it directly with apps as we advertise; b) wrongly attempting to pair the device with incompatible apps, instead of pairing it with the specific apps we advertise as compatible. These issues are avoided by following our product use instructions

So it was £69.99 and it now reduced to £44.99, you save £25. Make the jump for more details.

Google reportedly confronted Samsung over its approach to smartwatches -

[From Thomas JK] The strain continues, sadly. “The strained relationship between Google and Samsung over Android customisation has been apparent for a while, and it now looks like this discontent has spread to the wearable world. ” Read in full.

Apple's 2014 iTunes Festival in London -

[From Thomas JK] A good line up. “Apple on Monday revealed the initial lineup for its eighth annual iTunes Festival in London, which is scheduled to kick off in September with big-name performers Maroon 5, Pharrell and Calvin Harris joining legends Blondie, Robert Plant and more at the historic Roundhouse theatre.” Read in full.

Moto G2 leak -

[From Thomas JK] Information on the Moto G2 emerging. “The Moto G2, as it is currently being called, will be setting its eyes on the same goals, but updates part of its body to what is considered to be mid-tier this part of the year. According to this first leak, the processor will now be a quad-core CPU of the ARMv7 family, particularly a VFPv4 NEON variant., paired with an Adreno 305 graphics chip” Read in full.

iPhone 6 screen could be sapphire-glass blend, says expert -

[From Hans] A sapphire glass blend. “Apple has patents for a sapphire-glass blend screen that could explain why sandpaper can scratch a supposed leaked iPhone 6 screen, the Guardian has established. A new video that apparently shows a 4.7in sapphire screen from an iPhone 6 being scratched by sandpaper could “certainly” be a legitimate blend of sapphire and glass, according to Prof Neil Alford of the department of materials at Imperial College London, who was consulted by Apple about sapphire screens 18 months ago.” Read in full.

Five Great Jailbreak Tweaks for Improving Your iOS 7 Notification Center Experience -

[From Hans] If you have a jailbroken iPhone then this may come in handy. “With Notification Center being such a vital part of your iOS 7 notification experience, it’s worth spicing the feature up with the power of jailbreak tweaks. In this post, we will be showing you five of our favourite Notification Center mods that are available for a jailbroken iOS 7 device.” Read in full.

Jul 20

Kujali iPad Mini case review -

[From Hans] Great review over at TracyandMatt Blog. “However, now and then we do make exceptions and here in the video below you’ll see the Kujali iPad Mini case. Not only is it an extremely well made case/cover, constructed from black leather, red suede and shock absorbant inner polyeurathane and silicone glove. It’s multimode with a wrist strap to boot.” Read in full

Jul 19

iPhone 6: super-slim battery to power 7mm iPhone -

[From Hans] I’m going to guess this iphone will be ultra thin. “Claims that Apple is planning an ultra-thin 7mm iPhone were bolstered today by reports that component makers have been tasked with building a battery just 2mm thick. The Taiwanese technology news website DigiTimes says “the new iPhones’ battery only has a thickness of 2mm, thinner than the 3mm of the iPhone 5-series, but both feature a similar capacity”.” Read in full

Jul 18

iWatch thoughts

[From Stephen Trew] Sammy, A coupl of weeks ago a wrote a post suggesting the iWatch may actually be an analogue watch. It struck me today how it might be both analogue and digital. What if it has a glass transparent screen that can also act as an OLED screen? We have seen transparent displays before, Apple may be the first to have a practical use for it.

Apple's New 'Spaceship' Campus Already Starting to Take Shape -

This is cool, it’s beginning to take shape. “If that 2016 opening date for Apple’s new “spaceship” campus was starting to sound a little overambitious, take heart. Judging from a new photo posted to Twitter by KCBS news and traffic reporter Ron Cervi (via MacRumors), the new home base of Apple is quickly starting to take shape.” Read in full.

Apple now mass-producing iPhone 6 ahead of fall launch -

[From Thomas JK] Get excited if you want the iPhone 6. “Production of the iPhone 6 has either just begun, or is days away from starting, according to a new report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News. The newspaper claims that mass-production of the eagerly-anticipated next generation 4.7-inch iPhone 6 handset is set to begin during the third week of July – making it either this week or next – while production of the larger 5.5-inch “phablet” iPhone 6 will begin during the second week of August. No sources were cited for either of these reports.” Read in full.

I do like the marketing video promoting the FiftyThree Stylus

I do like the marketing video promoting the FiftyThree Stylus.