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Android Smartphone Activation in the U.S. Triumphs Over iOS in Q1

[From Peter Arts] Android remains very popular. “Google’s Android platform dominated the smartphone market in the U.S. yet again with majority smartphone activations during the first quarter, while Apple’s iOS came in second place.” Read in full

Flipboard for Windows Phone looks great – but you still can’t have it  

Apparently they are still working on Flipboard for Windows Phone. “Flipboard is one of the lingering app omissions for Windows Phone, the news-reader app still limited to iOS and Android smartphones, but Microsoft brought along the latest version to Build 2014 to show it at least hadn’t fallen off the radar.” Read in full.

Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone fingerprint sensor hacked 

[From Hans] Not great for Samsung. “The fingerprint security on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5 phone has been hacked by a German team, who warn that its implementation is less secure - and its consequences potentially much worse - than on Apple’s iPhone 5S.” Read in full

VLC for iOS introduces folders, new file types, subtitle improvements and more 

[From Hans] Great app. “Back in January, VideoLan’s cross-platform media player, VLC, rolled out a major iOS 7-centric redesign of its iPhone and iPad client. It’s also fixed numerous bugs while adding the ability to stream media from Google Drive and Dropbox. Apps like VLC are needed to enjoy ”foreign” audio and video file types on iOS devices, stuff like mkv, avi, wma, divx and more.” Read in full.

Watchout for Unflod, a malware targeting jailbroken devices 

[From Hans] If you have a jailbroken iPhone then read this and steer clear. “This being said, a new malware called Unflod has been targeting jailbroken devices for a few weeks. While there is still a lot we don’t know about Unflod, the little information we have about it is enough to raise concerns… The first mention of Unflod appeared on Reddit yesterday. After having many of his apps crash on his iPhone, Reddit user tdvx started disabling MobileSubstrate extensions and re-enabling them until he was able to single out a potential culprit: Unflod.dylib.” Read in full.

Nike fires majority of FuelBand team 

[From Hans] Cracks in wearables now beginning to show? “Nike is gearing up to shutter its wearable-hardware efforts, and the sportswear company this week fired the majority of the team responsible for the development of its FuelBand fitness tracker, a person familiar with the matter told CNET.” Read in full.

iOS 8 leak 

[From Hans] Speculation on iOS 8. “For starters, a bunch of new apps are clearly visible - TextEdit, Preview, Tips, Healthbook, a self-contained iTunes Radio app, and, again- Watch Utility. This app clearly isn’t made for the Samsung Gear 2, is it? Jokes aside, its second appearance so far leads us to assume that it’s going to be a part of iOS 8’s reveal at the upcoming Apple WWDC. And if Apple is to be showing said app, it can’t possibly do it without at least partially confirming the existence of its fabled iWatch, can it?” Read in full.

Leaked pics show EMBIGGENED iPhone 6 screen  

[From Hans] The rumours continue. “Fruity toy maker Apple’s next iPhone looks like it will definitely have a significantly bigger screen, if you believe the latest images to have found their way onto the Chinternet. One shot, which appeared on Sina Weibo (via VR-Zone), shows a front panel purportedly from the currently in-production iPhone 6 dwarfing a black iPhone 5S next to it.” Read in full.

Could This iPhone 6 Be The Most Accurate Mockup Yet?  

[From Stephen Trew] Very nice mock-up. “Well-known Dutch designer and concept artist Martin Hajek has created a new iPhone 6 rendering, which might just be the most accurate one to date. Hajek had previously teamed up with Nowherelse to create a stunning mock-up based on the recently leaked schematics discovered by Macotakara apparently showing the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch variants of the iPhone 6.” Read in full

Show 224 of The Phones Show available for your viewing pleasure.

Got time this Easter then the latest edition of the Phones Show is available for your viewing pleasure. “News of Windows Phone 8.1, my hands-on review of the HTC One (M8) and a review of the Freedom Bluetooth Backlit keyboard”. Deets after the jump

What Apps Will Look Like On The 4.7-Inch iPhone 6 

[From Stephen Trew] Some great analysis here. “In the past, when Apple has grown the screen of an iOS device — for example, with the transition from the iPhone 4s to the iPhone 5 — Apple has taken pains to keep the pixel density the same. The Retina Display on the iPhone 5 is 326 pixels per inch, just like the iPhone 4s. This makes it easier for developers and helps prevent the widespread fragmentation seen in the Android operating system.” Read in full

Android exclusive apps.

[From Peter Arts] I think calling them ‘awesome’ is hyperbole. But a few of them are quite useful. “Developers usually make apps for the iPhone first, which means updates for Android and other platforms can take a little while to get to users of those platforms. But there are quite a few awesome apps that Android owners can use that their iPhone-using friends can’t.” Read in full

iPhone 6 mockup

[From Stephen Trew] Very nice mock-up. “Well-known Dutch designer and concept artist Martin Hajek has created a new iPhone 6 rendering, which might just be the most accurate one to date.” Read in full

Analyst forecasts suggest iPad sales have peaked 

[From Hans] iPad sales have peaked apparently. “As highlighted by Fortune, analysts’ consensus on iPad sales for last quarter suggest that iPad sales will actually decline year-over-year by about 0.7%. Although the expected decline is small, this would represent a big shift in iPad momentum, especially since Apple saw a strong increase in sales for the holiday quarter, going from 22.9M units in the previous year to 26M this year.” Read in full.

Report: US Air Force is Using Google Glass 

Now this is pretty cool, the US Air Force using Google Glass. “Interesting news yesterday from VentureBeat, which reported that the US Air Force is testing Google Glass and its combat capabilities.” Read in full.

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