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Dropbox for iOS updated with support for iPhone 6 and Touch ID 

[From Hans] Personally I’m pleased to see this. “Great news for Dropbox users this evening, as it appears the online storage service pushed out an update for its iOS client this weekend. Dubbed version 3.5, the new build of the app brings about support for the higher resolution displays of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and other enhancements.” Read in full

Using my iPad whilst in Brazil

Watching UK TV shows on my iPad whilst I’m in Brazil is something I like to do, especially on the shows that I am missing out on. I’m not missing my MacBook at all because I said I can do most tasks that I need to simply on the iPad. One thing especially I like to do is catch up on the BBC news and their website is awesome and looks good on my tablet. Hope you’re having a good day.

Playing Solitaire on my iPhone

[From Gareth] Hi Sammy I’m playing Solitaire on my iPhone. Great game and it keeps me from getting bored. My father taught me the rules of the game when I was young and I always wanted a good version to be able to play on my phone, now I can on my iPhone.

Review of the Samsung Gear Live by SamMobile 

Sammobile reviews the Samsung Gear Live. “Why the huge delay in the review, you may ask? Well, we actually bought the Samsung Gear Live, so as it wasn’t a review sample, we weren’t bound by time limitations with the device – which is usually two weeks. We wanted to extensively test out Android Wear, as it was our first encounter with the operating system. Over the last three months, we have worn the Gear Live every single day, and we are finally ready to give you folks our full review of the device.” Read in full.

The Phones Show is available for your viewing pleasure 

Show 236 of The Phones Show is available for your viewing pleasure. News of the Desire EYE, hands on review of the Blackberry Passport, and verdict on the Lumia 735

Empire State Building home screen on my Note 4

 [From Peter Arts] Been playing with the larger screen of the Note 4…allows for more interesting launcher/home screen compositions. These both use ESB pix that I took w/the phone last week. Hope all is very well with you Sammy.

iCloud Photos is now available for iOS 8.1 beta users 

[From Hans] Good news. “Ahead of October 20’s public launch of iOS 8.1, Apple has released iCloud Photos to users running the iOS 8.1 beta on their devices. Qualifying accounts will be able to access iCloud Photos to view their iCloud Photo Library on the web through the beta version of” Read in full.

Apple's iLife Suite for Mac Redesigned and Updated with OS X Yosemite Support 

[From Thomas JK] If you have a Apple computer then be aware that there are several updates you can take advantage of if you have updated to OSX Yosemite. “Apple recently released updated versions of iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand for Mac, bringing refreshed designs, new features and support for the newly released OS X Yosemite operating system.” Read in full.

iPhone 6 drives spending on electronics to three-year high  

iPhone 6 helping boost sales. “Apple’s iPhone 6 helped to boost the amount consumers spent on electronics to a three-year high during September, as buyers raced to invest in the company’s newest smartphone.” Read in full.

How One Boy With Autism Became B.F.F.'s With Apple’s Siri 

I think this is a touching story and shows how technology can assist. “Just how bad a mother am I? I wondered, as I watched my 13-year-old son deep in conversation with Siri. Gus has autism, and Siri, Apple’s “intelligent personal assistant” on the iPhone, is currently his B.F.F. Obsessed with weather formations, Gus had spent the hour parsing the difference between isolated and scattered thunderstorms — an hour in which, thank God, I didn’t have to discuss them. After a while I heard this…” Read in full.

Do I really need a new iPad?

I have scheduled this editorial to post whilst I am on my flight enroute to Brazil. Watching the Apple keynote I have to say that I was not overly amazed, nor was I surprised at what was announced, however what did appeal to me the most was the new iMac. In terms of of the iPad, I am happy with what I already have, an iPad Air and a iPad Mini and to be fair they are sufficient, if anything then Mini meets my needs especially as I travel a great deal. I don’t think I need to spend any further expenditure on a new iPad Mini, it does everything I need it to do and more, it’s my everyday computer, I rarely use my MacBook, maybe once a week and when I do it’s for mostly more complex tasks that the iPad is unable to accomplish. My iPad Mini just does everything for me from email to tweets, surfing the internet to booking flights, I rely totally on my iPad Mini. So at the moment the only purchased will be likely a new iMac, for my graphic design and more powerful tasks.

What I am listening to on my iPhone 6

I haven’t done one of those what am I listening to on my iPhone posts for a while. At the second I am listening to quite a lot of Coldplay, especially their new album and I am also listening to the new U2 album, the one that I was kind of forced to download but to be fair it is actually a good album, one that I have enjoyed. My main music library these days is Spotify, I stream a great deal if my music it’s easier and I can, if I wish download the music onto my iPhone so I have my collection with me at all times, especially good when I am in the gym.

Apple says iPhone 6 owners can start using ApplePay with release of iOS 8.1 on Monday, Oct. 20 

[From Thomas JK] I look forward to starting to use this. “The NFC-based e-wallet functionality hidden inside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be unlocked starting next Monday, Oct. 20, when the service is set to launch in the U.S.” Read in full

Bigger screen size draws Beijing customers to Apple's iPhone 6 

[From Thomas JK] The iphone 6 is clearly popular in China. “Apple fans in Beijing lined up on Friday to get their hands on the company’s newest iPhones”. Read in full

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